KeyFlow Pro version 1.8.3 release notes

Here's what's new in version 1.8.3

  • Fixes an issue where video resolution could change in FCP X when dragging a clip from KeyFlow Pro to FCP X
  • Fixes an error in high-res encoding of Workflows that can be shown to fail even if encoding was successful
  • Adds an ability to extract thumbnails without generating low-res preview files
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Previous Versions

Here's what's new in version 1.8.2

  • Improves compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • With macOS Notifications, any change in Live Folders can be notified to users in real-time
  • Export high resolution still image from video (JPG, TIFF, and PNG supported)
  • Rescan speed for Live Folders has been hugely enhanced (~10x faster)
  • Support for ProRes MXF import
  • Preview files can be copied to a certain folder by "Copy Preview Files to” context menu
    (Applied to “Search Filter by File Type” and “Solo/Mute Audio Track”)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Here's what's new in version 1.8

  • Live Folders automatically detect, import and update any changes in the folder
    • Auto and Manual Scan supported (Set in the General pane of Preferences)
  • Share FCPX Projects, Events and Library seamlessly using Drag-and-Drop
  • Mark Favorite (★) and send to FCPX directly using Drag-and-Drop
  • Copy and Paste Annotations (markers and keywords) to other asset
  • Preview color corrected video when importing RED(R3D) files with RMD
  • Audio Waveforms. See, hear, find and annotate audio files more easily
  • Isolate audio tracks with solo and mute controls (for the video with multi-track audio)
  • Autoplay and Continuous Playback support
  • With Pass Through option, Preview files can keep all the audio tracks in original video (for MOV & MXF)
  • Added Quick Filter by file type at the top of the left sidebar
  • Added 10-User Client Pack in In-App Purchases
  • Various Improves and fixes for the UI functions

KeyFlow Pro version 1.7.1

  • Push media with metadata to an existing FCPX 10.3 Event simply using Drag and Drop
    • Annotations, Roles, Notes, Scene, Reel, Take, Camera Angle, Camera Name also can be sent to FCPX
  • Adds shortcut key for going to the Next/Previous item in the Preview mode (Option-Left/Right Arrow)
  • Adds options to delete the original file for the Referenced file ("Delete File and Asset" or "Remove Asset")
  • Enables remove existing roles in the Role Editor
    • The five default roles (Video, Titles, Dialogue, Music, Effects) cannot be removed
    • When selecting an asset, the existing roles of the asset can be added back to the Role Editor
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.7

  • Improves Remote Upload
    • Support for Leave files in place (Store-to) option from Remote Client
    • Support for additional options such as Disk Label, From Folders
  • Support for In-App Purchase
    • Provides a 5-User Client Pack by default
    • 2-User Client Pack and 5-User Client Pack can be added via In-App Purchase
  • Support for Assigning Roles and Role Editor for Final Cut Pro X
  • Support for Final Cut Pro X Clip Info Metadata
    • Adds Roles, Notes, Scene, Reel, Take, Camera Angle, Camera Name
    • Those metadata can be sent from KeyFlow Pro to Final Cut Pro X
  • Support for Dublin Core Metadata
  • Various options for Batch Renaming (Replace Text, Add Text, and Format)
  • Set Poster Frame for changing a thumbnail image
  • Fixes a freeze issue when clicking Search Bonjour Network User icon

KeyFlow Pro 1.6.1

  • Fixes an error that could occur when creating a preview file for R3D
  • Adds some shortcut keys for Library (New Library, Open Library)
  • Changes the link of the KeyFlow Pro Help menu to Quick User Guide document (pdf)

KeyFlow Pro 1.6

  • Support for RED formats
    • Extracts R3D thumbnail image
    • Support for R3D and RMD files import
    • Support for RED metadata import
    • All RED data(folder structure) are managed as it is using Leave files in place (or Store to) option
    • Spanned R3D files are previewed as a single continuous clip
    • Support for Send to Final Cut Pro X and Export XML for Premiere Pro CC
    • Uses REDCINE-X Pro encoder in Preferences
  • Support for FCPX Camera Archive
    • All or selected media inside the FCPX Camera Archive(.fcarch) can be imported
  • Support for Automatic Database Backup & Restore
    • Automatic database migration (from Inside Library to Local Storage)
    • Automatic database backup inside library (6-hour intervals)
    • Automatic migration and restoration (If there is no database on the local storage)
  • Support for Import Error Report
  • Support for Folding MEDIA in Sidebar
  • Set Display for MEDIA Items in Preferences
  • Support for Search within Results (for Smart Folder and Watch Folder)
  • Revises and Refines the Menu Bar items and Context Menu options
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.5.2

  • Create split-track audio preview files with audio passthrough (.MOV only)
  • Choose between Source or Preview QuickLook video in Preferences
  • Adds Preview/Proxy status display (incl. Open, Open with, Reveal, Create Preview options)
  • Improves original file path display when media is offline
  • Improves UX when creating a new group
  • Reset search when changing sidebar selections
  • Fixes an AVCHD encoding error
  • Changes the creating preview file resolution (800 x 450 to 960 x 540 by default, and 480 x 270 to 640 x 360)
  • Adds Inspector Shortcut keys (Cmd-Opt-1, Cmd-Opt-2, Cmd-Opt-3)
  • Various additional bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.5

  • Support for Annotation
    • Add and Edit Marker(M) and Keyword(KK)
    • Multiple text lines supported
    • Full integration with Final Cut Pro X
    • Export Final Cut Pro X XML, Final Cut Pro 7 XML, XML for Premiere, and CSV
    • Keyword shortcut window supported (Ctrl-K)
  • Search media by the text in annotation (using annotation search mode)
  • Improves Shared Library
    • Creatable and Editable permission are added for shared library (selectable)
    • Creatable enables upload and duplicate media remotely. (Creatable includes Editable permission.)
    • Editable enables edit Tags, Metadata, Annotation, etc. remotely.
    • Enables Drag and Drop method when uploading and moving the media.
  • Support for Batch Relink
    • Batch Relink the media to changed location path
    • Works for referenced media only
    • Auto select (select the files to relink automatically) and deselect all supported
  • Support for Duplication Check
    • Do not import duplicated media when importing media (selectable)
  • Improves XML support
    • Send to Final Cut Pro 7 supported
    • Export Final Cut Pro X XML, Final Cut Pro 7 XML, and XML for Premiere supported
  • Adds Duplicate Media in KeyFlow Pro Library (Cmd-D)
  • Support for Autocomplete for Tags and Keywords
  • Adds Tags Viewer and Keywords Viewer to manage the tags and keywords you entered
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.2

  • Support for FCPXML interworking
    • Added ‘Send to Final Cut Pro X’ option in the contextual menu
  • Improves Video Player
    • Support for Timecode and Frame number
    • Current Playback Status Overlay (e.g. Play, Pause and 2x)
    • Support for J-K-L shortcut keys for playback control (up to 16x normal speed)
    • Support for frame by frame control
    • Added Timecode Viewer (Ctrl+T)
  • Improves Audio Player
    • Support for Album Artwork
  • Improves Low-Res Video for Preview
    • Insert Timecode Track (If source video has a timecode track)
    • Downmix Multichannel Audio
  • Improves Hi-Res Video Encoding
    • Support for All types of ProRes Codec using AVFoundation (except ProRes 4444 XQ)
  • Improves Encoder settings
    • Added Video and Audio Bitrate options
  • Redesigned KeyFlow Pro Library icon (It will be applied to a newly created library)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.1.5

  • Support for External Media (Copy and Index)
    • Added ‘Store to’ option when importing media with ‘Leave files in place’ checked (selectable)
    • Added ‘Store to’ option when importing media using FCPX Agent (selectable)
    • Added ‘Store to’ option when importing media using Watch Folder (selectable)
  • Added ‘hours’ condition in Smart MediaBox and Workflow
  • Support for setting Smart MediaBox order
  • Improved Watch Folder detection method
  • Improved Quick Look preview
  • Support for ‘Relink' to new path for the media imported as referenced
  • Remember the folding status of left sidebar
  • Added shortcut key for ‘Flagged’ (CMD+Shift+F)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.1

  • Import .MTS files individually from AVCHD package
  • Uploading media files to Remote Library
  • Run workflow for media which are imported from Watch Folder or Final Cut Pro X (selectable)
  • Create Tags from folders when importing media and add those to Finder Tags (selectable)
  • Support for and/or search in basic search field
  • Support for TIFF, IPTC Core and IPTC Extension metadata
  • Added Path Name criteria for Smart MediaBox
  • Share video to Vimeo
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

KeyFlow Pro 1.0.1

  • Improves file tracking feature for the imported file as reference file type (HFS+ file system only)
  • Fixes an Sandbox bug

KeyFlow Pro 1.0

  • Initial release