Key Features of Version 1.8

  • Live Folders

    Add current working folders that are updated frequently as Live Folders. All the media in Live Folders are imported immediately, and the changes in the Finder level are updated automatically. You can set whether to use automatic or manual scan in the preferences.

    On-the-fly Project Sharing

    All the media with metadata (tags, annotations, and roles) can be sent to FCPX quickly. Drag-and-drop FCPX Project (or Event) between FCPX and KeyFlow Pro. Editors can share current working Projects seamlessly in a single Event.
  • Audio Annotations

    You can now annotate audio files. KeyFlow Pro generates a waveform and it makes it really easy to see. This can be very helpful when you’re trying to find a specific segment of audio to annotate.


    You can selectively mark sections within a clip as a Favorite (★) and send to FCPX directly using drag-and-drop. Then, you can use the sort options to quickly show only the portions of a long clip you specify.
  • Preview Color-Corrected R3D

    KeyFlow Pro creates color-corrected thumbnail images and preview videos when importing RED(R3D) files. (if RMD file already exists in the folder.)

    Solo and Mute Controls

    For the video with multi-track audio, you can isolate audio tracks with solo and mute controls. (Only if the preview file is encoded with Audio Pass Through option.)
** KeyFlow Pro 1.8 UPDATE CAUTIONS **
- All the shared libraries and clients must be updated to ver.1.8. Servers and/or clients are not compatible with earlier versions of KeyFlow Pro.
- The KeyFlow Pro library should be stored into the local hard disk for the best scan performance of the Live Folders.
- FCPX Agent for KeyFlow Pro also needs to be updated to ver.1.2.1.

Key Features of Version 1.7

  • Enhanced Uploads

    Remote upload capabilities are no longer limited to in-library storage. Remote users can now upload and select a store-to location in - or out - of the KeyFlow Pro library. Storage locations are remembered at the project and group level, making media management more collaborative for large and small teams.

    In-App Purchases

    In anticipation of future features, we’re changing the amount of users that can simultaneously access a KeyFlow Library to 5. This gives larger organizations a simpler, more streamlined method of volume licensing.
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  • Final Cut Pro X Clip Metadata

    Final Cut Pro X users rejoice! Now you can add metadata to files BEFORE you send to FCPX, ensuring your data goes with you to the next library, and the next, and the next (you get the idea).

    Assign Roles for Final Cut Pro X

    Why repeatedly assign roles in Final Cut Pro X? Assign Dialogue, Music, Sound Effect roles and more once in Keyflow Pro and they’ll carry on to every FCPX library you use that media with forever.
  • Batch Renaming

    Need to change the titles in KeyFlow Pro to keep track of sequences? KeyFlow Pro can now batch rename those titles just like Automator - but without altering your files at the finder level.

    Poster Framing

    Change the thumbnail for any video file quickly and easily. Just double click a clip, select the frame you want with the playhead, and click the Set Poster Frame button.

Key Features of Version 1.6

  • RED Formats Support

    You can import R3D (and RMD) files with RED Metadata. All RED data(folder structure) are managed as it is using "Leave files in place” (or "Store To”) option. Also you can preview the spanned R3D files as a single continuous clip by adding REDCINE-X PRO encoder in Preferences.

    FCPX Camera Archive Support

    When you import the FCPX Camera Archive(.fcarch), you can import all or selected media inside the FCPX Camera Archive individually. So you can see proxies of all your FCPX Camera Archives, and pull specific clips for your project.
  • Improves MEDIA Items Display

    You can set display for MEDIA items in newly added Sidebar pane of the Preferences. Also you can fold (hide or show) the MEDIA section on the Sidebar.

    Search within Results

    KeyFlow Pro supports “Search within Result” feature for Smart Folder and Watch Folder. You can search for media within the Smart Folder or Watch Folder of the Sidebar.
  • Import Error Report

    If there are errors after the import completes, you can check the list of import error. It displays a failed filename, file size, path, error message. You can reveal failed media in Finder, then try again.

    Refines Menu Items

    All Menu Bar items and Context Menu options are revised and refined for user convenience. It helps that you can seamlessly use the Menu items and Context menu without confusion.

Key Features of Version 1.5

  • Annotation Support

    You can add, edit and export markers and keywords(with duration) into a video asset, it is useful for internal reviews and communication with your coworkers. You can send the media asset as a xml file(incl. markers and keywords) to Final Cut Pro X directly. Then, Final Cut Pro X can read the markers and keywords that were imported from KeyFlow Pro.

    Improves Shared Library

    The Creatable and Editable permission are newly added for shared library (optional). Creatable enables upload and duplicate media remotely. Creatable includes Editable permission. Editable enables edit Tags, Metadata, Annotation, etc. remotely. Now you can upload, duplicate media into shared library and edit tags, metadata of the media.
  • Improves XML Support

    Send to Final Cut Pro 7 context menu is newly added. (Send to Final Cut Pro X already implemented.) Also, Export Final Cut Pro X XML, Final Cut Pro 7 XML, and XML for Premiere are supported.

    Batch Relink Support

    When the files need to be massively moved to the different volume or folder for any reason, you can batch relink the media to changed location path. It works for referenced media only.
  • Duplication Check

    When importing media, you can filter the media which already reside in KeyFlow Pro library, then exclude those from the import list (optional).

    Duplicate Media

    You can duplicate media in KeyFlow Pro library (similar to duplicate file in Finder.). Keyboard shortcut is Command-D.

Key Features of Version 1.2

  • Interworking with FCPXML

    Another way of importing media from KeyFlow Pro to Final Cut Pro X is to send the media using ‘Send to Final Cut Pro X’ option in the contextual menu. Then, the media will be automatically imported as a FCPXML into Final Cut Pro X, so you will need to select a library you want in Final Cut Pro X.

    Improves Video Player

    You can see the source timecode directly in video player. And the resizable Timecode Viewer makes reading current timecode very easy. Also you can control video playback using J-K-L shortcut keys(up to 16x normal speed) and frame-by-frame playback using left/right arrow keys.

Key Features of Version 1.1.5

  • External Media Support

    With ‘Store to’ option, you can assign a specific location to store original media when importing media with ‘Leave files in place’ checked as well as when importing media using FCPX Agent and Watch Folder.

    Relink to New Location

    When the media location is changed, you can relink to a new path for the media imported as referenced by simply clicking the relink button in general info.
  • ‘Hours’ Condition Support

    You can set ‘hours’ condition in Smart MediaBox and Workflow. (e.g. Date Imported is within last 2 hours.)

    Improves Quick Look Preview

    When using Quick Look for preview, you can press the spacebar and then using the arrow keys to navigate to quickly look through multiple media.

Key Features of Version 1.1

  • AVCHD Support

    Now you can directly import MTS files individually from AVCHD package. In order to import MTS files, you can simply drag an AVCHD package file to KeyFlow Pro, and then select Video of Filters. If necessary, click Check media to import button, you can preview the .MTS files before you import. (AVCHD Quick Look plugin required for preview.)

    Upload to Remote Library

    Remote users can upload their media files to your shared library with tags if you check ‘Uploadable’ option for your shared library. It supports only Copy to library option. Remote users can add tags at the time of uploading media files, but cannot edit any metadata including tags after the media files are uploaded. Please keep in mind that.
  • AND/OR Boolean Search Operators Support

    Now KeyFlow Pro supports multiple keywords through And/Or combination in order to find the media assets desired more quickly and exactly. Please refer to FAQ in details.

    Run Workflow for Watch Folder and Final Cut Pro X

    With this option checked in Preferences, the workflow set for a Project will be run automatically when media files are imported from Watch Folder and/or Final Cut Pro X.
  • Adds Path Name criteria

    When you create a Smart MediaBox, you can use Path Name criteria. Then, you can automatically search media by path name in source location.

    TIFF/IPTC Metadata Support

    In Metadata View, you can create various custom metadata groups using newly added TIFF, IPTC Core, and IPTC Extension metadata.
  • Create Tags from Folders

    If this option is checked, KeyFlow Pro creates tags for each folder in the files you’re importing.

    Share Video to Vimeo

    You can share video to Vimeo. First of all, you need to create a Vimeo account on Vimeo website if you don’t have a Vimeo account.