Key Features of Version 1.8.3

  • Notifications for Live Folders

    Take advantage of integration with macOS Notifications.
    In KeyFlow Pro, you can enable the Notification Option for a Live Folder to receive macOS Notifications in real-time when new files are added. Your collaboration will be faster and smarter.

    Enhanced Rescan Speed

    Does it take too long to rescan a large Live Folder?
    No worries! We have improved the rescan process for faster scan times and enhanced overall performance. You will be amazed by Live Folder rescanning speed, now up to 10 times faster!
  • Copy Preview Files

    Do you want to use low-resolution H.264 preview files generated by KeyFlow Pro for other purposes? KeyFlow Pro allows you to copy the preview files into one folder. When they are copied successfully, the mp4 extension will be deleted automatically.

    Export Still Image

    You no longer need to launch other applications to export high-resolution stills from your video. If the video is online, you can export high-resolution stills from an original file at any time in KeyFlow Pro’s preview mode. JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats are supported.