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KeyFlow Pro2 Integration

Integration with

The new KeyFlow Pro 2 adds native integration for

Now you can upload preview files directly to

Plus, metadata such as markers and keywords written in KeyFlow Pro 2 are also uploaded as comments. For more information, see Quick Guide for Integration with

KeyFlow Pro2 Import-FCPX

KeyFlow Pro 2 Extension

Connect directly to KeyFlow Pro 2 library and browse, search, files within Final Cut Pro X.

KeyFlow Pro 2 Extension enables users to import media into Final Cut Pro X and share FCPX projects by dragging-and-dropping.

And finally KeyFlow Pro 2 provides its own proxy editing workflow through the extension.

KeyFlow Pro2 Import-FCPX
In-App Purchase

Import FCPX Libraries

Now you can import existing FCPX libraries or just finished ones into KeyFlow Pro 2.

The clips in the FCPX library are imported with the metadata such as Favorites, Markers, and Keywords.

For the multiple FCPX libraries, you can search/preview the clips through the metadata without opening the FCPX library itself.

KeyFlow Pro2 Remote Client

Create and Rename Projects/Groups from remote clients

Now remote clients can create and rename Projects/Groups as their need.

For security purpose, however, remote clients can NOT delete Projects/Groups.

KeyFlow Pro2 Purchases

Start with only $49.99 (USD) for Single Users.

Scale to Server from $149.99 (USD) for Teams.

KeyFlow Pro 2 runs in standalone mode for single user by default.

A collaboration environment for your team can be built as your needs.

KeyFlow Pro2 Purchases

Add Annotations,

and even import Transcripts.

During import, KeyFlow Pro 2 creates previews in background.

Search, preview and annotate media even if the media is offline.

Through “Annotation Search”, find the specific parts of a clip that you’re looking for.

In addition, transcripts can be imported as notes in the Annotations (.srt, .fcpxml supported).

KeyFlow Pro2 Purchases

On-the-fly FCPX Project share

using Drag-and-Drop ease.

No longer need to export and import XML for project sharing.

Just Drag-and-Drop media between FCPX and KeyFlow Pro.

All media assets with metadata can be sent to FCPX easily.

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    Manual or Auto Import
    with Notifications

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    Works with UHD
    RED and XAVC

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    Tightly Integrated
    with Final Cut Pro X

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    Drag-and-Drop to
    Any Application

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    Add Annotations and
    Import Transcripts

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    Custom Workflows

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    XML for Final Cut
    Pro and Premiere Pro

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    Custom Metadata

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    Easy and Seamless
    Media Collaboration

Pros love KeyFlow Pro

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KeyFlow Pro makes media tagging, organizing and searching simple and fun. Its an indispensable part of our workflow for editors, designers, and now with annotations even writers. The collaborative features that have been added in the past year are fantastic. We can’t wait to see what upgrades will be added next.

John Davidson - Magic Feather Inc.
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KeyFlow Pro is really useful in a collaborative workflow. It works perfectly with Final Cut Pro X. With KeyFlow Pro we are more efficient, more reactive, and we can use 100% of footage without losing any information. KeyFlow Pro is the best companion to work in a professional environment and with Final Cut Pro X.

Sacha LE COROLLER - Xtrem Productions
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We really believe that KeyFlow Pro fills the void which could have been a Final Cut Pro X “Shared Event” or even Final Cut Server. Now with Live Folders all of this exchanging of files takes place with a simple drag-and-drop gesture between Final Cut Pro X and KeyFlow Pro. It has never been easier to send an XML to another person. In our view KeyFlow Pro and Final Cut Pro X now fit together like a hand in glove.

Ryan Velin & Mads Larsen Nielsen - Metronome Productions
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