Key Features of Version 2.1

  • FCPX Library Import

    You can drag and drop a FCPX library into KeyFlow Pro 2, then all the clips in the FCPX library will be imported into KFP2 with metadata(Keywords, Favorites, Markers) entered in FCPX. With “Annotations” search option, you can search the clips through metadata (across FCPX libraries), WITHOUT opening the FCPX library itself.

    Audio Annotation

    Now KeyFlow Pro 2 generates waveform per channel and shows it with improved graph. With mouse click and drag, users can select the region to annotate more easily.
  • Creating Projects/Groups remotely

    With this feature that users have been waiting for, you can create and rename Projects/Groups from remote clients. For security purpose, however, remote clients can not delete Projects/Groups.

    Multiple Files at Once

    KeyFlow Pro 2 can export Tags and/or Annotations into a single CSV file and recreate preview files from a selection of clips. After selecting a range of clips, just click mouse right button and choose “Export CSV” or “Recreate Preview Files”.

Key Features of Version 2.0

  • New Price Plans

    KeyFlow Pro 2 comes with new price plans. It runs in standalone mode for single users by default. With in-app purchase, it can be scaled to server for collaborative teams. After then, more clients can be added by purchasing "User Client Pack" as your need.

    Flat Design

    KeyFlow Pro 2 has been redesigned - not only a logo, app icon, library icon but also GUI icons - to match the latest macOS. In addition, some GUI icons have been revised properly. Changing the point color has improved readability, so overall it looks more modern and simple.
  • Transcripts Import

    With "Import Annotations" feature that users have been waiting for, adding video subtitles or transcripts is easier and faster than ever! Those are added to a clip as notes in Annotations. Continuous subtitles can be merged into one annotation optionally.

    Sync Database

    With "Sync Database" feature, the backup database inside the library can be synced with the main database anytime you want. In most case you need to run Sync Database before copying a library to another Mac in order to maintain the latest database.
  • Regenerate Previews

    KeyFlow Pro can recreate a preview file with a new resolution and bitrate, and even restart preview generation jobs that failed during import. It will be helpful for batch processing some failed clips when importing lots of clips at once.

    Sort by Online

    In List View mode, media assets can be sorted by online or offline status as well as Disk Label. With the disk labels, you can easily tell on what storage the offline clips are stored.